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This is a short information about our museum project

Yes, we know: MUCIAR is a project that should be spread in the whole world. But it has no lobby and sharing it is up to our readers.

Copying the project in other regions of the world is welcome.

Welcome to our new subscriber! 🙂


Introduction on Steemit coming soon…


The Museum of Civil Courage and Dedicated Art is going to be presented in articles on Steemit, the new blockchain-based social network.

This is our first real chance introduce MUCIAR to  the world and will make it more important to publish in English.

If so, we will make it the other way round. The articles will be posted on Steemit and links referring to the articles will be published here.

Still asleep

While the German page MUZIKUblog is active with posting, it seems there will be neither time nor assistance for a page in English. Sorry about that.

We do hope someone else out there 🙂 is doing a similar job… Stressing on the topic civil courage with all its implications. I was doing some recherche and not any permanent documentation of that matter could be found.

Due to our obligations and projects, we, the founders of the first “Museum of Civil Courage” in the world (as far as we know), we will do our best in German to keep the German page updated –


English Sister Site of the MUZIKU (Online) Museum

This site is meant to become the English sister of our online museum MUZIKU – Museum of Civil Courage and Art…

We feel sorry that there is no capacity for translation, at the moment.

Assistance is welcome, of course.

A short INTRODUCTION is meant to be a beginning >

Museum MUZIKU (German) >